We are empowered and entrepreneurial women, part of a global movement: women who have the courage to fight for their dreams. The essence of Feel The Lotus lies in the dream of valuing the classics and appreciating iconic imagery: to make women her feel their own passions and purity. To reach this dream, our mission is to design a modern look that make women feel confident, self-aware and brave in their everyday lives.


We try to spend time close to nature, we learn more about it and we try to respect it. We stay conscious about the ethics of production and consumption while adopting sustainable fashion to raise awareness in the fashion world. Our aim is to create timeless pieces and create elegance that lasts over time.


We know that every woman carries with them more than just a single soul and each of a different color and as all the different colors of the “Lotus” represent purity, revelation, love, passion, spirituality, knowledge and wisdom, we too in our core represent each and every woman.